We have yet another top tournament announcement for PLAY Expo London today: DAT Team will be running Super Smash Bros Wii-U tournaments all weekend long!

DAT Team are a group of event organisers based in London who specialise in fighting games and, more specifically, the Smash Bros. series.

The team organises events of all sizes ranging from laid-back weekly events all the way up to 300+ entrant weekend events, all of which feature their notorious tournament running efficiency, which has caused them to gain the favour of the Smash community on a continental scale as being the best timekeepers and bracket managers in Europe, all without sacrificing the fun and excitement one would expect from gaming tournaments.

DAT Team has just come off a hot streak completing Albion 3, The largest European Smash Bros. tournament of the year thus far and the largest open bracket in British FGCs of the year, receiving critical acclaim from all across the various communities. While the team runs a tight ship, you can be sure that you'll see a friendly face behind the organisation and anyone looking to take their first steps into the Smash community will find themselves in good helpful hands at any DAT event.

You can find them over on: Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook

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