Got a competitive streak that you just can't contain? PLAY Expo London has plenty of Tournaments for you to test your mettle!

Running gamers through the gauntlet of fierce competition is a time-honoured tradition, and PLAY Expo London will be no different.

In the first of our tournament announcements, we're playing host to two of London's premier eSports communities, District G & East London Fighters, to run tournaments all weekend long. District G will have control over our FIFA tournaments, and ELF will be running Tekken 7, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Street Fighter V!

So whether you're fancy with a digital football, or a master of throwing fists, PLAY Expo London will have a tournament you'll want to be a part of! And stay tuned for more tournament reveals this week!

You can find out more about District G & ELF below:

District G -

District G is a London based eSports community with tournaments across FIFA and Tekken throughout the UK. Our house teams for both FIFA and Tekken are decorated with Global accolades, establishing us as leaders in the console eSports scene.

District G brings its signature experience to all of our tournaments, merging music culture with London’s vibrant offline gaming communities. In particular DG provides the ultimate place for casual gamers who want to come into community, as well serious eSports talent, looking to make their way through competitive leagues.

You can find them over on: Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook


East London Fighters

The East London Fighters (ELF) are London’s most active fighting game community. Their weekly activities provide a service for fans of the genre all over the UK and Europe.

From beginning their project with only one PS4 and a monitor, the last two years has not only seen the ELF community grow in size, but they have also seen growth in the size and production of their events and the team employed to make them happen.

Now based in multiple locations across East London, including Swan Wharf and the RedBull Gaming Sphere, ELF also have a strong online presence. They provide regular online tournaments, which are a great way to interact with the greater community if you’re unable to make it down to one of their live sessions.

ELF’s fun, and often unique, events are usually the entry point for many people wishing to take their first step into the often daunting world of the FGC. Their knowledgeable, and quirky, staff have a reputation for making people feel as though they belong, regardless of their skill level.

You can find more information on the East London Fighters by checking out their: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch

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