We have another confirmed guest at PLAY Expo London: Mike Montgomery, Founder of Bitmap Brothers!

Founded in 1987, The Bitmap Brothers are the original ‘rock star’ developers: a small but highly successful development team with a history of creating unique, critically and commercially acclaimed games. Vice magazine described them as "The coolest Amiga developer ever, this studio did things in the early 90s that made their peers weep with envy.”

Continually striving for originality, attention to detail and new levels of playability, the company has been responsible for several of the games industry’s most memorable titles, and have developed for nearly every hardware platform to date.

With award-winning games such as Xenon, Speedball, Magic Pockets, Gods, Cadaver, Xenon 2, Speedball 2, The Chaos Engine, The Chaos Engine 2, Z, Speedball 2100 and most recently the critically acclaimed RTS hit; Z: Steel Soldiers in their catalogue, The Bitmap Brothers are a retro force to be reckoned with!

All our talks and panels will be hosted by the guys from The Retro Hour Podcast.

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