The UK has a thriving indie scene, and at PLAY Expo London we're going to give it a little love. Here is a sneak peek at the indie devs that will be in the spotlight: 

GroovyCart ltd - 
Undercrewed: resizeimage 1 copy

Grab your friends and command your own customisable spaceship. With local and online co-op and hundreds of unique ship components, you must work together to figure out the best way to survive your journey!


Huey Games - 
The Mystery of Woolley Mountain: resizeimage 2 1 copy

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is an otherworldly point & click adventure for the modern gamer. Funded on Kickstarter with backers including legend of the genre Ron Gilbert, The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is set in a fantastical world filled with strange beasts, evil witches, confused automatons and wacky ropemen.


Gareth Williams - 
Jarheads: resizeimage 3 1 copy

Jarheads is a fast-paced tactical shooter with fully-destructible environments. Complete the varied objectives methodically, or just blast your way through! Made for fans of Cannon Fodder, the game comprises of a 50 mission single-player (or two-player online co-op) campaign and a separate online multiplayer experience for up to 8 players with a variety of game modes including Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.


Leda Entertainment - 

gyutan action four player

A local multiplayer party brawler game combining competitive and cooperative play with pirates and cow puns. Choose your bovine buccaneer, and join a mad loot-grabbing battle to survive the wrath of the heathen gods! (Please note: the developers will not be held responsible for damage to friendships, relationships, etc…!)


Asobi.Tech - 
Mao Mao Castle:

MaoMao Image 3 1024x640

Help MaoMao the Cat-Dragon make it back to his castle, avoid obstacles, collect rainbows, and rack up points. Speed dash to crash through trees, pillars, and moai, as you fly around trying not to lose one of your 9 lives. Perform deft manoeuvres by gliding your finger across the glass of your mobile device, or waving your hand over the LEAP Motion Controller.


Jon Hare - 
Sociable Soccer: resizeimage 4 1 copy

SOCIABLE SOCCER is a brand new, super fast, action football game for the 2017 - 2018 Season. Over 1,000 international teams & many game modes, developed with community feedback. Easy to play & hard to master, join our whole new World of Soccer.


Robot Riot UG -
Gods Remastered: resizeimage 5 1

Take control of a nameless ancient warrior and fulfil an epic quest to please the Gods and defeat four great guardians who have stolen their sanctuaries. If you succeed, as a reward you may join them as an equal immortal...


Stray Basilisk - 
Steamhounds: resizeimage 6 1

Steamhounds is a multiplayer turn-based strategy game. Assemble a crew of fighters. Challenge your friends. Fight for glory! You will take control of a team of mercenaries, doing the dirty work of the shady factions who fight for control of an industrial steampunk city. Put together a team and build up their strength by deploying them on missions to infiltrate, steal, and eliminate their targets. Then challenge your friends in competitive team-vs-team battles, or attempt to climb the online leaderboards in ranked matches.


Rusty Pixels - 
Baggers in Space: resizeimage 7 1

Baggers in Space is a retro style shooter in which you control “Baggers” as he attempts to make his way back home. Often crashing into various asteroids, and falling on dangerous planets, Baggers must rebuild what is left of his ship, blast his way into the planet interior, and collect the much needed fuel to escape. Each planet contains a myriad of unique denizens, nasty traps, and a host of valuable jewels to collect. “Baggers in Space” is a vast game of exploration and humorous japes. Do you have the mettle to go the distance?

Warhawk: resizeimage 8 1

Warhawk is a fast-paced manic SHMUP that builds upon the gameplay of the original Commodore 64 game. Featuring 20 deadly levels, a myriad of minions, giant motherships, mini bosses, and all accompanied by a wonderful rendition of Rub Hubbard’s main tune. This is a shooter not to be missed.

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