For many people, meeting their childhood heroes at PLAY Expo is one of the highlights of the show.  We always have a variety of developers, musicians, artists YouTubers and other alumni from the videogames industry - past and present - and PLAY Expo London will be no exception.

Here's who we have lined up so far... 

The Oliver Twins

The ‘Oliver Twins’ rose to fame in the 1980s when they developed the ‘Simulator’ and ‘Dizzy’ games franchises.

They're probably the most prolific 8-bit game developers in the world, having created an amazing 53 games – 26 of which where #1 bestsellers!

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Mike Montgomery

Founded in 1987 by Mike Montgomery, The Bitmap Brothers are the original ‘rock star’ developers: a small but highly successful development team with a history of creating unique, critically and commercially acclaimed games. Vice magazine described them as "The coolest Amiga developer ever, this studio did things in the early 90s that made their peers weep with envy.”

Continually striving for originality, attention to detail and new levels of playability, the company has been responsible for several of the games industry’s most memorable titles, and have developed for nearly every hardware platform to date.

With award-winning games such as Xenon, Speedball, Magic Pockets, Gods, Cadaver, Xenon 2, Speedball 2, The Chaos Engine, The Chaos Engine 2, Z, Speedball 2100 and most recently the critically acclaimed RTS hit; Z: Steel Soldiers in their catalogue, The Bitmap Brothers are a retro force to be reckoned with!

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Mr Biffo

Paul Rose AKA Mr Biffo will be joining us at PLAY Expo London for a chat and Q&A about Digitiser, the upcoming show and firing goujons into space!

Digitiser was a video games magazine that was broadcast on Teletext in the UK between 1993 and 2003 - and at its peak enjoyed 1.5 million views a day. Paul launched Digitiser 2000 in 2014, a website in the style of the original Digitiser magazine.

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Jon Hare

Jon co-founded Sensible Software in the 1980s with Chris Yates and the company went on the produce some of the most successful games of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Notable titles that Jon has worked on include the Sensible Soccer franchise, Cannon Fodder games, Wizball, Mega Lo Mania and Wizkid.

More recently Jon has worked on an updated version of Speedball 2 for handheld devices and PC as well as Sociable Soccer, the spiritual successor to Sensible Soccer. The latter will be playable in our indie zone.

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Andrew Hewson

Andrew founded Hewson Consultants in the early 1980s, where they quickly established a reputation for producing high-quality games that continually pushed the boundaries of what the computers at the time were capable of.

Notable titles included Uridium, Cybernoid, Paradroid, Exolon, Nebulus and many more.

Andrew then went on to form 21st Century Entertainment, releasing chart-topping hit such as Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies & Pinball Illusions!

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YouTube Panel Talk and Q&A

As well as industry guests we will also have a number of prominent content creators.  Here's who we have lined up so far:


Comedian, actor, author, and internet sensation Stuart Ashen, better known as Ashens will be joining us all weekend long. Ashens is best known for his YouTube channel which has over 1.3 million subscribers and has had over 370 million views to date. He has appeared on several TV shows including Charlie Brookers Screenwipe and The Armstrong and Miller Show. He also wrote the film 'Ashens and the Quest for the GameChild' which he starred in alongside Warwick Davis and Robert Llwellyn. His book 'Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of' is a compilation of reviews of some of the worst retro games ever written and reached its crowdfunding target in just 12 hours.

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Kim Justice

Kim Justice is an alleged content creator on YouTube (her words, not ours!) she mostly makes long documentaries on video game companies and shorter reviews of retro games with a focus on the Amiga, ZX Spectrum, and Sega Mega Drive. She is also a writer for both Retro Gamer and Retronauts!

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Slopes Games Room

Slopes Game Room - Historic Documentary Style Videos... About Video Games! Daniel Ibbertson AKA DJ Slope from Slopes Game Room aims to bring you the complete history on your gaming past, your nostalgia is safe with him!

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