We can confirm that we will be bringing the super popular Minecraft area back to PLAY Expo with some unique builds and games again.


Our LAN Team will be running a Hunger Games map where players will fight it out to in effort to survive the harsh landscape of traps and other players. These maps are based on the same premise as the book and film of the same name and pit a group of players against each other in a battle to be the last one standing. Will you get good items in your bag? Will you find a good place to hide? It’s all the luck of the draw with Hunger Games and it’s what makes these maps so much fun to play, as well as to watch.

As well as this, they will also be running a Minecraft world where players are encouraged to explore, build and survive the nights and the deepest caves. Climb down the ravines and hunt for gold, wander into the desert in search of temples or maybe just raise a sheep farm and defend it from zombies, however you choose to play make sure you have the essentials to survive the night!


Finally, they will also run a creative map where attendees can just come along and build whatever strange, weird, wacky or beautiful world they choose. With the threat of mobs remove and the need to hunt out resources gone, you’re left to simply create anything you like in this amazing digital lego we call Minecraft.

So if you want to try your luck at Hunger Games, fight it out for survival or if you just want to create and explore the huge world that is Minecraft then make sure you get your tickets today.

Watch the guys from Wonderment take on the Hunger Games on the Hypixel server!

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