Tabletop Gaming

Our Tabletop Gaming area continues to grow in size each year and we will have a selection of card and board games to play, demonstrations of new games from the game creators and a number of retailers selling the latest games for you to try and buy.

Board and card games have been growing in popularity over the last few years and are a great way to experience your favourite franchises, such as Marvel, Resident Evil, Firefly and Star Wars, in a whole new way!

Our dedicated tabletop team will be bringing some amazing titles for you to try out. Want to rampage through downtown Tokyo or battle hoards of zombies? How about resisting the empire in your X-Wing or fighting Hydra alongside the Marvel Heroes? Maybe you want to just keep flying with your own Firefly crew? If you've never tried Tabletop Gaming before we'll have people to show you the ropes or if you're a seasoned gamer come and play against likeminded fans.

Asmodee UK will be bringing these fantastic titles along with them:
Fun Fast Range (Dobble, Cobra Paw, Bananagrams, Who Did it?, Cortex, Story Cubes)
Century: Eastern Wonders
7 Wonders
Ticket to Ride New York
Civilization: New Dawn
SW Destiny
Dead of Winter

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